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  • In my Caribbean travel, I’ve only visited three islands – Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe and Martinique – so far. Nevertheless, I managed to see many interesting sights and write about them. These aren’t big general “ultimate list” or “everything you need to know” posts. Instead, each one focuses on just one or a few sights or experiences from my specific point of view. Enjoy!

11+ Best things to do in Martinique

Martinique has it all – pristine beaches, secluded bays, scenic hikes, and panoramic views. Note: This is a guest post by Christine Rogador. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. These links can earn me (Rachel) a small commission, but this will not affect your price. If you’re looking for a unique holiday destination in the…

Best things to do in Guadeloupe: A Guadeloupe guide

I have many articles on this website about things to do in Guadeloupe, yet I’ve never compiled them into an overview. After updating all of the separate articles, I figure it’s time, so here it is: a Guadeloupe guide. Note: at the bottom of this list you can find a map with all the sights…

Cacao beans drying at the Chocolate Museum in Guadeloupe

The Chocolate Museum, Guadeloupe

Just seeing the bright hand-painted sign above the entrance to La Maison du Cacao (The Chocolate Museum) in Pointe Noire, Guadeloupe, was enough to make me happy. The truth is that pretty much anything chocolate-related makes me happy. I’m an addict. Disclosure: This article contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase through the…

the purple and blue painted exterior of Kreol West Indies

Kreol West Indies: a new concept

On my last day in Guadeloupe, I stumbled upon a special little museum. I was on my way to the easternmost tip of Grande-Terre, the eastern “wing” of the butterfly that makes up Guadeloupe’s main island. Called Pointe des Chateaux, it’s a windblown, craggy place. On the way, I noticed a brightly-colored building, only catching…

sunset view framed by palm trees on Guadeloupe

Impressions of Guadeloupe

I explained in an earlier post why I chose Guadeloupe for my sabbatical travels, but apart from that decision, I didn’t know much about the place. I knew that it was French: not just that it’s a former French colony but that it’s still part of France. They even use the euro as their currency. I…

a close-up of an iguana in Fort St. Louis

Fort St. Louis and the Rum Battle

Approaching Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique, by ferry, the most prominent feature of the harbor is the imposing collection of walls and buildings that make up Fort St. Louis, a 17th century naval base. (Zie Nederlands versie beneden.) Fort St. Louis is still a French naval base today; Martinique is still an overseas territory of…