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  • Years of experience traveling gives me, I think, a fair amount of knowledge about travel: how to keep yourself safe, how to travel solo, how to choose where to travel, what not to do, and so on. These articles are meant to help less-experienced travelers avoid all of the many mistakes I’ve made. I hope they help!

Sustainable air travel: What you can do

Have you ever been offered to buy a carbon offset when you booked a flight? If so, did you buy it? We all know that flying is bad for the environment. According to Our World in Data, aviation produces about 2.5% of all CO2 emissions, a greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming. Making it…

How to be respectful when you travel

When I was traveling in Parvati Valley and then on my Manali trip in the Indian Himalayas, I was surprised to see how many travelers, both local and foreigners, boasted that they were great explorers and were staying in the Himalayas for months. Note: This is a guest post by Priyanka Gupta. Disclosure: This article contains Amazon affiliate links….

ExpressVPN review, by a digital immigrant

I am a digital immigrant. What I mean by that is that I didn’t grow up with computers like digital natives; the only computers I knew of as a child in Connecticut were the ones that filled whole rooms in banks and government offices. As far as I was concerned, they were equivalent to the…