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Hi, I’m Rachel. Rachel’s Ruminations is a travel blog focused on independent travel with an emphasis on cultural and historical sites/sights. I also occasionally write about life as an expatriate. If you’re looking for more information about the blog, here is my media kit.

I live in Groningen, in the northeast of the Netherlands, but come from Connecticut originally. My husband, Albert, is Dutch, which is why I’m here. We have two kids, though neither one is a kid anymore.

After a long career as a teacher and teacher-trainer, I have “retired” early to focus on building this site and on travel. I love the combination of writing and traveling.

So that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy what I post here; feel free to leave comments!

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Hi Rachel. I’m loving your ruminations! I came across you on Twitter and noticed we have a tiny bit of simpatico going on – you’re an American from Connecticut living in Nederland; I’m an American married to a Dutchman living in Connecticut! Good to see you’re enjoying life in the land of the Dutch!

Consider also visiting Kenya so that you can also learn a lot more about the culture of the maasai in Narok county and the Ogiek in mt. Elgon(Chepkitale. I am Sospeter.

Welcome back Rachel

Coming from Tanama tales …hello landgenoot! Am Dutch but lived 3+ decades in California, because our kids married here and established their own families, after I got done with my training. Great to see you have made yourself at home in Groningen. It’s close to where my brother lives (Veendam).

an average blog about someone who loves talking about their perfect life