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an x-ray of my neck

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Physical Therapy, Korean-style!

On my recent trip to South Korea, my left arm began to hurt. I dismissed it as a muscle ache, probably from carrying my luggage up and down metro stairs. Little by little, though, it got worse. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t find a position in which my arm didn’t hurt. When my arm started tingling, two of my fingers…

Toile, the mascot of Mr. Toilet House, the Toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea

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Mr. Toilet House? A Toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea

The big gold-colored statue of a turd right next to the entrance was enough to tell me that Mr. Toilet House, the toilet museum in Suwon, South Korea, wasn’t going to be a disappointment! Mr. Toilet House Believe it or not, “Mr. Toilet House” is the popular name for the Toilet Culture Museum in Suwon, just south of Seoul. I…

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Hongik University Street: 6 best things to see

Note: This article is a guest post by Jimmy and Tah from Divert Living. Hongik University Street, also known as Hongdae, is one of the most famous streets in Seoul. It’s a neighborhood that is known for its amazing youthful atmosphere and underground cultures that appeal to a huge footfall of tourists from every nook and corner of the world….

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A Riga City Tour: 10+ things to see in Riga

This could have been a review of a tour that doesn’t actually exist. What I mean is that the Riga city tour I took was sponsored by #LiveRiga, a campaign of the Riga Tourism Development Bureau, but it is not run on a scheduled basis. Rather, our guide, Juris Berze, is a freelance tour guide, hired in to do this…

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ExpressVPN review, by a digital immigrant

I am a digital immigrant. What I mean by that is that I didn’t grow up with computers like digital natives; the only computers I knew of as a child in Connecticut were the ones that filled whole rooms in banks and government offices. As far as I was concerned, they were equivalent to the ones on Star Trek. Disclosure:…