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10 Must-Visit Singapore Film Locations Seen in Crazy Rich Asians

The following guest post was written by Emily Pham. I’ve added comments in italics here and there. If you are a movie lover – even if you have not seen it – you must have heard the buzz about the movie Crazy Rich Asians. It is based on a best-selling book with the same name by Kevin Kwan and was…

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What to do at Changi Airport, Singapore?

The following is a guest post written by Cathy Carter. I’ve added comments in italics here and there. Singapore’s Changi Airport offers numerous striking views as you wait for your next flight. The airport is considered to be one of the greatest globally. Some of the captivating things you will find during a stopover at Changi airport include a swimming…

Kaswi Kueh, seen from both sides. From our Singapore food tour using Bitemojo app.

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Bitemojo app Singapore food tour: a review

Bitemojo food tours are not like other food tours. That’s not to criticize other food tours, mind you. I love learning about a place’s particular customs and foods. Bitemojo tours are different, though, in that they don’t include a tour guide. Instead, the tour is led via Bitemojo app, which leads you from “bite” to “bite,” pointing out sights along…

Row houses in the Emerald Hill neighborhood of Singapore

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Singapore, the Old and the New

NEW Singapore After my visit to Pulau Ubin in Singapore, I spent most of the rest of my very short stay visiting with my foster daughter, Krislyn, and her Singapore family. But Krislyn and I needed time for a good long chat, and decided to check out Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you click…

the beach on Pulau Ubin next to the ferry ("bumboat") landiing

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Pulau Ubin: Singapore’s Memory Lane

When my new friend and fellow blogger, Betsy Wuebker, posted about her visit to Pulau Ubin, near Singapore, it couldn’t have come at a better moment. I was on my way to Hong Kong but had just heard from my foster daughter, Krislyn, who lives in Singapore now. It turned out she couldn’t come visit me in Hong Kong while…

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Eating Europe’s Jordaan Food Tour: A review

Rows of pretty small houses and shopping streets lined with a mixture of hip and quirky stores, along with a smattering of “coffee shops” leaking the reek of marijuana out onto the sidewalk: this used to be my image of Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighborhood. It never occurred to me until I took a Jordaan food tour by Eating Europe that the…