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a view of a section of the High Line park

The High Line: an unusual New York City park

I like parks as much as the next person, but when I travel they’re not high on my list. I might pass through a park on the way to something else I want to see, or I might do a bit of people-watching in a park long enough to eat a sandwich, but that’s about…

the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace Museum exterior: a brownstone with an American flag fluttering in the breeze

2 small museums in New York City

A while back I posted a list of things to do that are cheap or free in New York City. There were a couple of items on that list that I hadn’t actually done yet myself, so when I had a day free in New York in April, I decided to try to fit one…

Lots of different types of bagels, displayed in baskets in a bagel store

The Perfect Bagel

(Zie Nederlands versie beneden!) When other people anticipate a trip to New York City, they might think about fine dining. What’s the latest new cuisine to taste? Which famous chef should we try? Where do we need to make a reservation? Or they may be looking for “ethnic” food: Chinese, for example, or Cuban, or…

exterior view of the Jane Hotel building

The Jane Hotel: Nautical Flair

When I entered the lobby and spotted the stuffed peacocks on the wall, mounted vertically with their faded tail feathers dangling, I knew the Jane Hotel wasn’t a run-of-the-mill hotel. I had suspected it already when I booked the room. First of all, it was suspiciously cheap for New York City—$115 a night—yet its ratings…

NYC skyline from the Manhattan Bridge

New York City: Free or Cheap

I put this list together a couple of years ago for some students who were headed to New York City. I’ll have one free day there next month, so I dug it up to think about what I’ll do that day. Then it occurred to me that I should post a useful list like this….

Jet lag!

So here I am in New York City, on the trip I’ve been planning and looking forward to for months. We arrived at midday, got through customs and immigration with surprisingly little trouble — and without a ridiculously long wait time as I’d been led to expect — took a shuttle service to the hotel,…