Travel photo gifts for travel lovers

If you like my photos, you’ll love these small travel photo gifts for travel lovers (and armchair travelers!). I’ve taken my favorite photos and used Redbubble to offer them in all sorts of forms.

A disclosure: I get a cut of whatever you spend on my designs on Redbubble, usually 20%.

You can see all of the possibilities by clicking here to see my Redbubbles shop.

Alternatively, click on a photo that you like below. The link will take you to that image’s page, where you can choose from lots of products printed with the photo:

  • Most of these photos are available to hang on the wall as art prints, metal prints, posters, and even clocks.
  • Some are available as phone or tablet cases.
  • Any of them would work nicely as greeting cards.
  • You could pick up a small gift like a notebook (hardcover or spiral) or coasters.
  • Some of them can be printed onto mugs or water bottles too.

Click on a photo you like. Then, when you are on Redbubble’s page, scroll down to see ALL the available products!

rainbow over a barren, hilly view, with a road winding over the hill into the distance
rainbow over Scotland
bright blue sky and fluffy clouds above a view of the NYC skyline as seen from the south. The new World Trade center building is visible along with lots of other skyscrapers.
New York City skyline
a row of bottles on a conveyer belt. Each holds a golden-brown liquid and has a lid.
whisky bottles
a carved, wooden face glows golden. It is round and smiling, with tight curls on either side.
cute smiling face
a row of colorful ex-warehouses front a river on the left, with a small boat in the center of the photo.
Trondheim, Norway
a green, grassy, rolling hills landscape with, on the left, a small church with a wall around the churchyard.
rural landscape in Scotland
A brown, misty view from the land, overlooking a curved bay, with low brown land beyond.
Dunnet Beach, Scotland
Purple daisy-like flowers with a round, red center. Only one is clearly visible, the others are blurred behind it.
purple flowers
Shades of blue: nearby is blue water. Behind are layers of land, the darkest blue is the nearest, with two more layers of hills behind, each lighter blue than the ones in front. The sky is even lighter.
peace and tranquility along the coast of Norway
a close-up of a cracked concrete surface with a round, rusty circle of iron attached to it.
abandoned wharf detail
blue water at the bottom of the picture, dark green hills on either side of a valley rising from the water. More hills behind, and the furthest mountain is snow-topped.
Norway scenery
A New York City skyline. The tallest visible building is the new World Trade Center tower among many other towers. A seagull flies nearby in the middle heading toward the camera.
New York City skyline with seagulls
A tall white lighthouse against a grey sky. The tower is white and cylindrical. On top is a brown-painted balcony, and above that is a black dome which, presumably, holds the light.
Dunnet Head Lighthouse in Scotland

If you’ve noticed another of my photos that you’d like to see on products, please let me know by using this contact form!

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