Shoreditch Street Art: Just Passing Through!

Last fall I attended the World Travel Market in London, a three-day sensory overload of networking with travel industry and destination exhibitors (5000 stands and 50,000 visitors!). I stayed with a friend and fellow blogger, Shobha of Just Go Places, who lives in London. Each day we got in her car and drove across the city to the event venue, passing through, among other neighborhoods, Shoreditch.

art on the wall around a construction site in Shoreditch, London

art on the wall around a construction site in Shoreditch, London

As we crept each day, in each direction, around various construction projects, I noticed the abundance of street art we were passing, both on temporary walls around construction sites, and on the buildings themselves.

street art in Shoreditch, London

This one is creepy!

Given that we often moved at no more than a snail’s pace, I took the opportunity to take lots of pictures.

art on an art gallery in Shoreditch, London

art on an art gallery

Here’s another one on a temporary wall around a construction site:

street art in Shoreditch, London

Such wonderful detail and color!

This is more of the same artwork; I just couldn’t fit it into one photo!street art in Shoreditch, London

Some of what I’d call “street art” is on the buildings themselves in Shoreditch instead of traditional signage:

a Doc Martens store in Shoreditch, London

a Doc Martens store

Notice the artwork over the doorway next to the Doc Martens:

street art in Shoreditch, London

Check out this huge painting fronting a bar:

painting on Barfly in Shoreditch, London

Painting on Barfly

These works were on the side of a building:

art on the side of a building in Shoreditch, London

Besides artworks at street level, we also spotted three-dimensional art up above the storefronts:

three-dimensional street art in Shoreditch, London

above a shoe store

And here’s another:

street art in Shoreditch, London

If you’re into street art, visit Shoreditch, but don’t do it as I did: passing by, captive in a car. Go out and walk around. There were plenty more excellent works of art that I couldn’t manage to get a decent picture of, either because we were moving at the time, or because too many people walked by just at the wrong moment.

Shoreditch is a trendy area with quirky shops and bars anyway, so plan your visit for the afternoon and stay the evening. This site has lots of information about what to see and do, besides admire the street art. Next time I’m in London, I’ll certainly take some time to walk this neighborhood!


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