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Manacles were used to chain the ankles of two slaves together. Badagry, Nigeria

Badagry, Nigeria’s Slave Past

It took me a whole separate post just to describe driving to Badagry in Lagos, Nigeria. Badagry was the “Point of No Return” in the Nigerian slave trade for 400 years. We were met in Badagry by our guide, Simon Stone Eyanam, who introduced himself as a reggae musician (You can see him under the name “Cornerstone”…

makeshift market stalls along the road in Lagos, Nigeria

Driving through Lagos, Nigeria

I did a lot of driving on my recent visit to Lagos, Nigeria. Or rather, I did a lot of being driven. Lagos isn’t your usual tourist destination and, indeed, I didn’t go there as a tourist. I had agreed to lead a workshop at an International Baccalaureate school for two days. If I was…