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Carnival rides and the scare-factor

There was a carnival here in Groningen this past week, complete with all the usual diversions: rides for young and old, carnival booths with games of skill and chance, food stands selling everything that’s unhealthy to eat. I don’t generally go to these anymore, ever since my kids have been old enough for me to…

My mid-life crisis

A friend of mine broke her foot several weeks ago and, after an operation, was ordered to stay off her feet entirely for ten weeks. While I certainly don’t envy her the pain and medical procedures she’s had to go through, I found myself envying her the time she’s had just to read and think….

Spoiled me, and my phone

  You know that app: “Find my iPhone”? The one Apple urges you to download so that you can track your phone if it’s lost or stolen? There’s one thing that’s only mentioned in the small print: it can’t do anything if the phone has been turned off or the battery has died. To make…

Niederweiler, Germany, July 4, 2009

As we were driving down the German autobahn today, zipping along at 150 kilometers per hour, watching the scenery gradually change, all I could think about was how incredibly fortunate I am. I have my family, who were there in the car with me, plus one.  I will start a new job, a new challenge,…