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How English is Guernsey?

The other day I tweeted “Guernsey is so very English.” Well, I stand corrected. It isn’t English. I learned this when I asked a completely unrelated question in a shop. There were candies in jars behind the counter marked “£1 a quarter.” I asked the shopkeeper “One pound a quarter what?” “A quarter pound,” she…

Children at the Beach

[:en]Every sentence the under-sixes utter is about themselves: “I wanna …. (fill in the blank)”, “Look at me!”, and so on. [:]

Going to the Fair

There’s something magical about a county fair. It has an innocence about it; it hearkens back to a time when people enjoyed games and events that didn’t involve a screen or computer in any form. A time of smallholder farming and pride in what people produced through their own labor. I visited county fairs in…