What's an UnTour?

By Rachel Heller of Rachel's Ruminations

I spent a week with UnTours in Switzerland.

It's all about slow travel - slowing down and being present. 

UnTours arranges accommodations - This was the view from my apartment!

... And transportation: in this case, a Swiss Rail Pass for me.

They offer one orientation morning on your first day.

We took a boat ride on a mountain lake and then ate lunch on a mountain.

Then I was on my own for the rest of the week!   (With support  available 24/7)

Urs is one of the UnTours guides who is there for support if needed.  And he yodels!

Sound on!

I spent the week doing what I wanted -  on my own!

I felt like I got to know the area better than I normally would.

In short, I loved it! Independent travel, without the hassle. And only unpacking once!