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a market vendor in Hoi An, Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Anita Breland of Anita's Feast.

25 Real Tips for Women Traveling Solo

A recent article from The New York Times has been making the rounds in Facebook travel groups. Written by Shivani Vora, it’s called “Tips for Women Traveling Solo, From Dining Out to Hotel Safety.” The title is misleading. Rather than a collection of tips, the article is an interview with Suzanne Randolph, founder of Alix…

a solo travel selfie taken on a boat

Solo travel so far

My trip to the Caribbean last month was my first solo trip. When I talk about solo travel, I’m not talking about when I fly somewhere to lead a workshop and then have a day free to explore whatever city I find myself in. I’m not talking about when I go somewhere to visit friends…

items that should not have been included in the packing

An over-packing update

Before my recent solo trip, I posted about my plans to travel with just one small 35-liter suitcase. It was a convertible one: it had wheels, but could also be used as a backpack. I chose what I brought along very carefully, and it all fit into that 35-liter bag, except for a small daypack holding…

full backpack interior

Packing for a solo trip

My packing is done—except for a few toiletries—and I’m ready to go! I leave on Tuesday for a month-long solo trip to Guadeloupe, Martinique, then to visit family in Connecticut, then to a TBEX conference in Spain. In June I’ll leave on another solo trip, this time for two months. Besides the issues of solo…

view from a plane

Solo Travel and Guilt

I’ve been reading a lot about traveling solo lately, and realized that most solo travelers are a) single and b) childless. I am neither of those. Married with kids (one grown, one almost-grown), I am nevertheless preparing for two solo trips. And I feel guilty. The first one will take me to the Caribbean, New…

The pros and cons of solo travel

“What? You’re going all by yourself?” This is the usual response I get when I tell people about the solo trip I’m planning this April. In a tone of voice that says they think I’m crazy. I posted a couple of days ago about my first solo trip, and every solo trip since then has…