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The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

Five Synagogues in Prague (and One Cemetery)

Five synagogues in Prague and a cemetery are what remains of Prague’s once-thriving Jewish neighborhood. Under the umbrella of the Prague Jewish Museum, they are open to the public, each serving a different function. Tourists can buy a ticket to all or part of a route through all the Prague synagogues. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate…

metal faces on the floor of the memory void in the Jewish museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum in Berlin

After my experience at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, I was apprehensive about visiting the Jewish Museum in Berlin. This, I thought, is something they will have to get right. After all, Berlin was Hitler’s capital city, the place where leaders managed the bureaucratic tasks necessary to carry out the genocide he planned. You…

the Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock, as seen from the Mount of Olives

The Western Wall Tunnel Tour explores a long-hidden history.

If you visit Jerusalem’s old city, you will surely see the Western Wall. It’s as if the large plaza at the center of this ancient place draws you in like a magnet. All roads don’t lead to Rome; they lead to the Western Wall. Yet the Western Wall is more than the most holy place…

French Anti-Semitism

Visiting World War II sites made me think about the Nazis, of course, which made me think of the Holocaust, which made me think of anti-Semitism as it still exists in Europe. And that made me think of an incident – one of very few times in my life when I’ve experienced anti-Semitism firsthand –…