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small fishing boats in the foreground, houses partly on stilts in the background, with large balconies: on Lamma Island

On Lamma Island, a Meditative Walk

Hong Kong isn’t just one island; it’s a collection of islands and a piece of the mainland. I already posted about two destinations on Lantau Island: the Big Buddha and Tai O. The other island I managed to visit (besides Hong Kong Island itself) was Lamma Island. Lamma Island is the third largest island of…

scene of jumbled houses, with boats moored outside them, in Tai O

Tai O, Hong Kong: Village on stilts

People who go to Lantau Island in Hong Kong usually go for one of two reasons: to use the airport, or to visit the Big Buddha. But there’s another, somewhat less-visited tourist destination on the island: Tai O village. Tai O was originally a fishing village, known for its houses on stilts. It makes a…

the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and Kowloon and the waterway between them, seen from Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak: The Top of Hong Kong

Victoria Peak, the mountain that looms over the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, is one of Hong Kong’s top tourist attractions. Although I usually prefer the more off-the-beaten-path destinations, I couldn’t resist going up there. I’d been there before and enjoyed the views. The ride up Victoria Peak While you could take the bus (cheaper) or…

a view of the front of the colonial-era Flagstaff House in Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park Has a Lot to Offer

On my recent visit to Hong Kong, I went to Hong Kong Park because my Lonely Planet guide mentioned an aviary that sounded worthwhile, and, since I was in central Hong Kong anyway, I thought I’d go check it out. It turned out that Hong Kong Park is a destination in itself, with an oddly…