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Flying EasyJet: a review

For years I’ve assumed that all budget airlines in Europe are essentially the same: EasyJet, Ryanair, Transavia, Flybe, and so on. They were, in my mind, necessary evils for those who travel within Europe. While I recognize that taking the train is far more environmentally responsible, it’s usually more expensive. This is particularly true if…

This is the teeny-tiny plane we flew in on our tour of Prague Airport.

Prague Airport tour and a teeny-tiny airplane

If you’ve followed Rachel’s Ruminations for any length of time, you’ll know that I struggle with my fear of flying. So, naturally, when bloggers attending the TBEX conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic, last month were invited to a Prague Airport tour, I jumped at the chance. “Face your fear” and all that. (Disclosure: I took…

a bag of candy ready to hand to a flight attendant

Gifts for flight attendants: an experiment

Despite all the uproar over United Airlines’ treatment of a man who resisted being bumped from a flight, I think it’s safe to say almost every flight attendant acts in a professional way, and they show remarkable patience. In praise of flight attendants Passengers misbehave: the internet abounds with examples. (See this article, or this…

in the center of Nyköping

Flying into Skavsta? Nyköping is worth a look.

Budget airlines seek out secondary airports because the landing fees are lower. Skavsta airport, an hour outside of Stockholm, is one of these: both Ryanair and Wizz Air fly to Skavsta. Most visitors get on the express bus to Stockholm straight from their plane. That is a mistake. While I had booked a cheap Ryanair…

an Emirates A80 being unloaded at Schiphol airport

Emirates A380 Economy Class Review

On my recent visit to Dubai on Emirates Airline, I was pleased to discover that I’d be flying on a plane I’d only seen from a distance before: the enormous Airbus A380. The A380 The A380 is a behemoth of a plane. Like Boeing’s 747, it just doesn’t look like it should be able to…

Planes at boarding gates in Paris.

5 Tips for Helping a Fearful Flyer

You’ve boarded a plane and found your seat, stowed your things and buckled up. The plane makes its way onto the runway and, after a short wait, the acceleration for take-off begins. You’re reading the book you brought along and don’t pay any attention to what the plane is doing, but, as it speeds up, something…

photo showing an Aeroflot A321 either taking off or landing.

Flying Aeroflot

If you’re an American of a certain age, as I am, the name Aeroflot will conjure certain images. Aeroflot was the airline of the “commies,” and it was considered one of the worst airlines in the world. We Americans didn’t fly Aeroflot. Partly because we didn’t, in general, visit the Soviet Union. They were the…

A Special Encounter on a Puddle-jumper

The puddle-jumper Traveling from Martinique to the US involved three separate flights for me, and the first of these was on a Liat Airlines “puddle-jumper.” First, a 15-minute jump from Martinique to St. Lucia, then a half-hour jump to Barbados. If you know me, you know that fear of flying is an ongoing issue for…

a picture of a plane, taken from a plane; is flying safe?

Is flying safe?

While I wrote this several years ago, I think this question is still something fearful flyers wonder: is it safe to fly? I read an article at Renegade Travels that looked at some statistics and declared that flying is indeed still safe, despite how it looks in the news. The author is right, of course, even…