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Chinese Business Opportunities

Here are three hot business opportunities for anyone entrepreneurial enough to take them. I’m not taking them because I’m an idea person, not an entrepreneur. Beds: More and more Western tourists are traveling to China, yet the hotels still use Chinese style (i.e. very hard) beds. Many Western hotel chains are already here; I’ve seen a…

Random Notes from China

Accommodations: We pre-booked all of the transportation, transfers and hotels before we left. I just didn’t want the stress of having to figure out train or bus schedules or go from hotel to hotel looking for a room, like we did in our younger days. Especially not with two teenagers in tow. The hotels have…

English Teaching in Kirundo

Kirundo, Burundi, Thursday, August 6 The level of English, as I’ve already written, varies enormously among the English teachers we’re training (all of the English teachers in Kirundo province, I’m told). Some speak English quite fluently and comfortably, with an accent that doesn’t interfere with my understanding. Others, however, seem to struggle to form even…