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The dreaded shared shower

Note: This post was first published back in 2007. Strictly speaking, this post could apply to most of our summer vacations, not just to this trip to Australia. It’s about the shower in hostels and campgrounds, the sort that you share with lots of other people. This came up when we visited Kakadu National Park. I…

Australia Comment #3: No Worries!

The most typical phrase in Australia is not “G’day, Mate,” as I expected, it’s “No worries!” It’s amazing how often we heard that phrase and in how many different situations. Someone just gave you your change from a purchase. You say “Thank you.” The reply: “No worries!” You accidentally bump into someone in the grocery…

My version of “The Truman Show”

Well, I’ve been travelling around Australia for the last month, and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and add anything to my blog. In case you’re curious, I’m at a sort of bungalow park called The White Cockatoo about an hour north of Cairns, in Queensland. Yes, if you’ve checked the…