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View of the waterfall and pool, with Thierry, my Airbnb host, sitting at an upper pool in the distance.

Airbnb, thank you!

I had two experiences recently that made me all the happier that Airbnb exists. 1. A vision of paradise When my Airbnb host in Guadeloupe, Thierry, offered to take me to see a sight only locals know about, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve used Airbnb to book accommodations before, but usually it’s been a place…

Traveling via airbnb

We looked into renting an RV for this vacation. And we looked into hotels and bed & breakfasts. Given that we recently bought a house, those options were all too expensive. So we arranged most of our accommodations through airbnb. (When I say “we,” by the way, I really mean “I.” My husband isn’t much…