New York City: A Photo Essay

For a while I’ve been meaning to create some photo essay posts. Whenever I write about a place I’ve visited like New York City, (for instance, about the High Line Park, or two small museums in New York City, or free or cheap things to do in New York City), I choose pictures that best illustrate the post.

Often, though, there are pictures I like that don’t fit the writing, so they get left out. While I don’t claim to be a photographer, and I don’t Photoshop my pictures at all except for cropping them, why not put together a collection of the pictures, just for the sake of the pictures?

At the same time, I’ve been thinking about the US a lot because of all the attention my renunciation of citizenship has been getting, so it makes sense to start with photos taken in the US. So here’s my first, about New York City: just some random pictures that I like from my most recent visit there in April 2015.

I took this one early in the morning, and loved how the light fell on the trees in bloom in the middle of the city.

a street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, complete with flowering trees

a street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan

You can find wonderful street art in New York City. This one is visible from the High Line Park. I like it for its simplicity.

Street art on the High Line in New York City

Street art on the High Line

New York City is full of fantastic architecture. You just have to look up above the store fronts on the ground floor to see the workmanship.

Wonderfully-detailed architecture in New York City

Wonderfully-detailed architecture in New York City

Yes, it’s ironic that a “health shack” sign tops a Dunkin’ Donuts. Yet I admit that I miss good donuts (doughnuts?) here in the Netherlands!

A Dunkin Donuts sign under a sign reading "health shack" at Kennedy Airport in New York CIty

In Kennedy Airport: oh, the irony!

Elevators for cars. Who thinks of these things?

How they park in New York City: piled up using some sort of car lifts.

How they park in New York City, and they must pay a mint for the privilege!

I love these side streets in New York City with architecture that is simpler, but still pleasing to the eye.

a row of pretty buildings in New York City

Somewhere in the Lower East Side, I think, but I’m not really sure.

Clean underwear on demand? Despite the signage, I just checked their website and they don’t just wash underwear. They are a pick-up and delivery service for general laundry and dry cleaning. It’s a bit disappointing: I was hoping they actually specialized in underwear!

a van with the text "FlyCleaners" and "Clean Underwear on Demand" in New York City

Really? only in New York!

It seems appropriate to finish with a general view of Manhattan. Somehow I never get tired of New York City, and I hope to visit again sometime very soon. (Yes, I’ll still be able to visit, only now I’ll need to fill in the same visa waiver form as any Dutch citizen.)

a view of Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, New York City

a view of Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge

I hope you’ve enjoyed this random collection. Feel free to pin or share!

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