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Rachel’s Ruminations is a travel blog emphasizing independent travel to historical and cultural sights/sites. Most articles focus on one place or experience at a time, offering an honest personal perspective as well as useful information.

Rachel’s biography

Rachel is a writer, blogger and teacher-trainer living in Groningen, the Netherlands. Born and raised in the US and educated at Yale, she met her Dutch husband when she served in the Peace Corps in Malawi. Their two children are grown, so they have entered the “empty nest” phase of their lives, leaving more time for independent travel.


Rachel is available for a wide range of collaborations:

  • sponsored posts
  • travel product or service reviews
  • writing for your website or magazine
  • guest blog posts
  • affiliate links
  • participation in social media campaigns
  • fam tours
  • any other ways we can work together through writing, the blog, or social media

I am a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance.

Feel free to drop Rachel a note by clicking here for the contact form.

Writing Samples

To get an idea of Rachel’s writing style, you can visit her portfolio at Clippings or any posts on Rachel’s Ruminations.

Social Media

(as of January 7, 2018)

Website Statistics

  • Domain authority: 35
  • Pageviews in December 2017: 6434
  • Page sessions in December 2017: 4508


Reader Demographics

(month of December 2017)

  • Countries: US (46%), Netherlands (7%), UK (7%), Guadeloupe (5%), Canada (5%), Australia (2%)
  • Gender: Male (54%), Female (46%)
  • Ages: 18-24 (27.5%), 25-34 (33.5%), 35-44 (12.5%), 45-54 (12.5%), 55064 (5.5%), 65+ (5.5%)


Here’s the contact form link again. Hope to hear from you soon!

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