Detail in the cathedral in Jaén, Spain. Over-the-top Baroque!

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Carved detail of a bull on a sarcophagus at Tyre, a UNESCO site in Lebanon.⁠

Read about all of Lebanon's UNESCO sites at the link in my bio!⁠

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Tyre is a UNESCO site in Lebanon that includes a Roman/Byzantine necropolis (shown) and also a hippodrome (picture Ben-Hur and you get the idea).⁠

This photo shows only a very small portion of a very big collection of sarcophagi and tombs. ⁠

Read all about Tyre and Lebanon's other 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites by clicking on the link in my bio!⁠

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Baalbek is without a doubt the most impressive of Lebanon's 5 UNESCO World Heritage site. This photo shows the Temple of Bacchus, one of 3 Roman ruins at the site.⁠

If you look really closely you can see some people at the base of the structure toward the left-hand end - just to give you an idea of the scale of the temple!⁠

Read about all 5 UNESCO sites at the link in my bio!⁠

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The Holy Valley (Kadisha Valley) in Lebanon, together with the Forest of the Cedars of God, is one of Lebanon's 5 UNESCO sites. Early Christian monks took up residence in caves in the valley, which eventually grew into small monastic communities.⁠

Shown: Qozhaya Monastery⁠

Read about this and the other 4 UNESCO sites in the link in my bio.⁠

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Newly published: UNESCO World Heritage sites in Lebanon. There are five, and we visited all of them, learning LOTS about the many layers of Lebanese history, i.e. the many civilizations that came and went. ⁠

Click the link in my bio to read about all 5 sites!⁠

Shown: Byblos UNESCO site. That structure in the middle is a Crusader citadel.⁠

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The Lebanese people have had a very difficult time of it in recent years: an economic and political crisis, exacerbated by the explosion in Beirut in 2020 and now the war in Ukraine, yet a sense of humor remains!⁠

In case you can't read the message in the picture, it says "Lebanese Are The New Hippies / No Work No Water No Electricity / "But Still Happy"⁠

Read lots of tips for travel in Lebanon at the link in my bio!⁠

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The Sursock Museum (modern art) in a former mansion in Beirut was damaged in the 2020 blast but it looks like repairs are almost done!⁠

Read lots of travel advice for Lebanon at the link in my bio!⁠

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There's a whole city around the amazing Baalbek Roman temple ruins - a UNESCO site - but that doesn't mean you should just go wandering around randomly! Get a local's advice first!⁠

Read more by clicking the link in my bio: "Lebanon travel tips: What you need to know to avoid nasty surprises!" ⁠

Pictured: a building opposite the main entrance to the UNESCO site.⁠

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On a more practical note, be aware that the Lebanese government's official rate is MILES from the real rate of exchange. ⁠

Read my article before you go: "Lebanon travel tips: what you need to know to avoid nasty surprises" - Click on the link in my bio!⁠

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Lebanon is home to a number of different religions. I posted a church yesterday, so today it's a mosque: the Taynal Mosque in the city of Tripoli. Inside, you'll find Corinthian columns holding up the roof, taken from an earlier Roman or Byzantine ruin. ⁠

Dress very conservatively if you are going inside and, women, wear a headscarf. ⁠

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Read "Lebanon travel tips: What you need to know to avoid nasty surprises!" before you travel: click the link in my bio to get there.⁠

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Lebanon's history is a procession of civilization after civilization, and each built on the one before. You might visit a Crusader-era church like this one in Byblos, or the Crusader-era fortress nearby, but they're built on top of - and often used pieces from - the earlier structures: Phoenician, Greek, Roman, etc., which each took from the one before as well. Fascinating place! ⁠

Before you visit, though, read the article "Lebanon travel tips: What you need to know to avoid nasty surprises!" at the link in my bio above!⁠

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Another gorgeous sunrise photo from the Queensland coast by @aquarius.traveller. ⁠
Read her article about roadtripping from Brisbane to Cairns by clicking on the link in my bio!⁠

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So much beautiful shoreline along the #Queensland coast between Brisbane and Cairns! ⁠
Look at the color of that water!⁠
Read about this road trip at the link in my bio.⁠

Photo by @aquarius.traveller⁠
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Kuranda Scenic Railway outside of Cairns, Australia. ⁠

Read about road-tripping between Cairns and Brisbane at the link in my bio.⁠

Photo by @aquarius.traveller⁠

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Lady Elliot Island, off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is a great place for snorkeling. ⁠
Read more about what to see on a Brisbane-Cairns road trip at the link in my bio!⁠
Photo by @aquarius.traveller ⁠
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Did you know there's a place in Australia where kangaroos go down to the beach at sunrise to feed on the seaweed? ⁠
Photo courtesy of @aquarius.traveller
Read about road-tripping the Queensland coast by clicking on the link in my bio!⁠
And check out her video about Hillsborough and the kangaroos:

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I don't usually post pics of myself, but this is from a review of a SCOTTeVEST jacket that I really liked! ⁠

I ordered (#sponsored @scottevest) a size too large on purpose so all of the gazillion pockets could carry ALL MY STUFF: in this picture everything from my handbag except my phone is in the pockets!⁠

Read my review of this jacket, a hoodie and a vest at the link in my bio.⁠

And btw, if it gets too warm, I can zip off the sleeves!⁠

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Ward Rooming House (1925) housed mostly Bahamian immigrants to Miami. Now it's an art gallery space for African American artists. ⁠

Read more about the historically Black Overtown neighborhood by clicking on the link in my bio!⁠

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Ode to Overtown, by Marvin Weeks (partial view) @nuarcseven. It includes a lot of the main points about Overtown's history.⁠

Click on the link in my bio to read about what to see in Overtown, Miami!⁠

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