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Read about the Rum Battle here, when the Dutch basically defeated themselves in 1674!

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A motorcycle navigating a busy street in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Click here to read the full article about travel risks not worth taking!

If you came here from my North Beach Neighborhood guide on Instagram, click on the photo to read the full story.

Thingvellir National Park: Click for my article on things to do there!

Ulu Temburong National Park: Here is my article on our trip to the rainforest in Brunei.

Groningen: I’ve posted quite a few pictures from my walks in Groningen. Click for a Groningen walking tour.

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China: I posted a lot of #travelmemories recently from our trip to China 10 years ago. Here are my old articles from that trip.

Burundi: I also posted a couple of photos from a 2009 trip to Burundi as #travelmemories. These were some of my first posts ever.

Bologna, Italy: This was another recent set of #travelmemories. Here’s one of my Bologna articles: Walking the Portico di San Luca.

Belgium: There were also a few #travelmemories from Belgium. Click for all my posts on Belgium.

Iceland itinerary: Iceland is an amazing country for photography, so I posted LOTS of pictures from our trip last summer. Here is my very detailed 3-week Iceland itinerary (including a printable pdf), and that will link you to lots of other Iceland articles.

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