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Feeling sentimental on Valentine’s Day

I’m feeling uncharacteristically sentimental today, so I can’t resist writing a short Valentine’s Day post.  You see, early in our relationship, my now-husband told me he didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day.

In his view, Valentine’s Day is nothing but a fake holiday, dreamed up by commercial interests to fill the gift-buying lull after Christmas.

I told him, in no uncertain terms, that I do believe in Valentine’s Day. It reminds us to tell the people we love that we love them, and to show that love. Of course, we should do that all year, but this holiday formalizes it, even if it is made up and hyped by the companies that profit from it.

I also told him that all he had to do, every Valentine’s Day, was give me a box of chocolates and a card. That’s it. Nothing more. I love chocolate, so that’s all I want.

this year's card and chocolate

this year’s card and chocolate

Now this is one of the many reasons I think I have the best husband in the world: every year on Valentine’s Day, I still receive a box of chocolates (and they’re always top quality chocolates) and a card. He always writes a very sweet personal message or short poem in the card. I get him something too, though not always chocolate.

We’ve both been known to forget our anniversary (we’re coming up on our 25th), but he never forgets Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that sweet?



What do you and your loved ones do on Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment below!

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