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a careful arrangement of skulls inside the ossuary: Macabre sightseeing in Brno

Macabre sightseeing in Brno: 3 places to visit

An ossuary, a crypt full of mummies, and a nuclear bomb shelter. Somehow the one day I spent sightseeing with my husband in Brno, Czechia, turned out distinctly macabre. Site #1: The Ossuary underneath the Church of St. James The Church of St. James The Church of St. James (Kostel sv. Jakuba) is a typical…

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

Five Synagogues in Prague (and One Cemetery)

Five synagogues in Prague and a cemetery are what remains of Prague’s once-thriving Jewish neighborhood. Under the umbrella of the Prague Jewish Museum, they are open to the public, each serving a different function. Tourists can buy a ticket to all or part of a route through all the Prague synagogues. The Maisel Synagogue Originally built…