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Athens Impressions

After just a few days in Athens – actually, after just a few hours the first day – I could draw one clear conclusion: Athenians are friendly, welcoming people. an Athenian cat And this isn’t just about how well we bloggers were treated at the TBEX (Travel Bloggers’ Exchange) conference. I expected that: anyone in…

coming into Hydra port

A one-day Greek island cruise

I’ve been to Athens before, so I’ve already done the usual Athens itinerary like visiting the Acropolis. Disclosure: This is a sponsored article in that I was given a free ticket to the cruise in exchange for writing about it. All opinions, however, are my own. So, with only one free day after my conference was…

On not being a VIP in Rome

We were in Rome yesterday and the day before, but apparently so were representatives of the G8 nations and other VIPs. Sights/sites closed or opened arbitrarily to accommodate their whistle-stop visits. A note from 2020: I wrote this post back in 2009, one of my earliest ones. I usually try to keep my articles useful…