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Will and Kate and Osama

I’m in London right now. I hasten to add that I did NOT come here for the wedding; some of my American cousins were going to be here on Saturday, so I decided to come here to see them. Then, when the wedding was announced, I decided ‘What the hell, I’ll go see that as…

Toddlers in a Sandbox

Two toddlers are playing in a sandbox, while their mothers sit on a park bench, enjoying the sun, catching up on each other’s lives. All of a sudden, the mothers hear a howl, then quickly a second howl, and look up to see the toddlers both tugging on the same bucket. “It’s mine!” “No, it’s…

Explaining the health care debate

Every time I try to explain the health care debate to Dutch people I am faced with the same wrinkled-brow, gaping-mouth, puzzled expression that the Japanese president’s wife, Miyuki Hatoyama, must confront when she starts talking about her latest jaunt to Venus. The whole debate is simply unfathomable to the average Dutchman. Or perhaps I…