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Parent-Teacher Meetings

A poem by Robert Smit and Rachel Heller I’m sorry, but Bruno is not yet reaching his full potential. He’s not working to his full ability. He allows himself to be influenced by perceived peer interactions. He needs to be more internally motivated. Might there be other circumstances in his home environment of which we…

Rude Teenagers

Teenagers can be rude. That’s a fact of life, and I would wager that it’s universal, or at least consistent all over the Western world. Some are ruder than others, of course. Most can be quite polite when they make the effort, which is mostly when they have some motivation to be polite. When we…

I’m a fraud!

Okay, I have a website. I have a blog. I set up a Yahoo group for my students. I know how to use msn and Skype and most of the Office Suite and I can make a simple quiz using Hot Potatoes. This does not make me a computer expert! People keep taking me for…

Surprise! Romanian kids are just like ours!

Well, I’m back from Romania, and it was absolutely fascinating! I know that what you’re probably most curious about is the answer to the question I posed in my post called “Sexy Romanians.” The answer is: it was just girls playing at being models. I’m basing my answer on two things. First, I simply told one…

The Polder Model in Action

  Have you ever heard of the Dutch polder model? It’s a political term referring to consensus decision-making. However, here in Holland, it is used within organizations as well. The idea is that everybody in the organization (yes, including the cleaning staff) gets a say in any decision that will have any effect on them….

Sexy Romania?

So I’m off to Romania on Monday — Doesn’t that sound so jetset! Actually, despite the fact that I’ve never been to Romania, and really, inside, I’m quite excited about the prospect, I keep having to tell myself that it’s probably going to be a bit of a slog, more than anything else. You see,…