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Nine tips on how to talk to a teacher (Part 2)

In my last post I listed five tips on how to talk to a teacher. Here are four more tips for that parent-teacher meeting: 6. Do not wag your finger at the teacher or otherwise speak to the teacher as if she is a child. Teachers are trained professionals, no matter how little they get paid….

Nine tips on how to talk to a teacher (Part 1)

Teachers are human, like anyone else. They’re not perfect. They make mistakes sometimes. But, unless we’re talking about the extremely rare pedophile pervert or raving psychopath who’s found her[1] way into the teaching profession, chances are your child’s teacher is a good person: a person who means well, who tries her best, who honestly wants…

Being sick

[:en] I was speaking a soft sort of croak that my colleagues jokingly called “sexy.” I think in reality it was more creepy than sexy.[:]

Fashion is unfair

[:en]Girls are the ones who are most critical of their own appearance, yet they’re the ones we pressure into wearing clothing that exposes every possible blemish, bump, tiny spot of cellulite, pimple…[:]


If I hear one more person say “But you teachers get such nice long vacations!” I think I’ll scream! Yes, we get long vacations: I have five weeks this summer at one of my jobs, six at the other. And that’s not counting two weeks at Christmas, and a week each in October, February and…

Smelly teenage boys

I was walking across campus at the secondary school where I teach the other day, when I passed a rather nondescript group of teenage boys. This is something I would generally completely ignore. If they’re kids I know, I say hello, of course, but otherwise, I just walk on by. But this time I noticed…