Australia Comment #3: No Worries!

The most typical phrase in Australia is not “G’day, Mate,” as I expected, it’s “No worries!” It’s amazing how often we heard that phrase and in how many different situations.

Uluru / Ayer's Rock

Uluru / Ayer’s Rock

Someone just gave you your change from a purchase. You say “Thank you.”

The reply: “No worries!”

You accidentally bump into someone in the grocery store aisle and you say “Excuse me.”

“No worries!”

You indicate you wish to get by someone on a crowded sidewalk or in a store. “No worries!” as the person moves aside for you.



“Could my son have mayonnaise instead of tomato sauce with his chips, please?”

“No worries!”

“I’d like a tuna salad sandwich and a Sprite, please.”

“No worries.”

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