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Thoughts on my Burundi Adventure

I’ve been putting off writing this blog entry, and I’m not sure exactly why. I feel that I need to post something as a sort of summing-up of my Burundi adventure, but I don’t know how… I guess I’ll start with looking at what, if anything, the project achieved. The part of the project I was involved in had, as…

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Status in Burundi

Kirundo, Burundi, Tuesday, August 4 Social status seems to be a big issue in Burundi. We were certainly all aware already that there is a big difference between the poorest to richest here. It’s visible is lots of ways. Only wealthy people get fat, for example. Wealthy people have stylish glasses and shoes. Their clothes are neat and clean, quite…

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Church in Burundi

Kirundo, Burundi, Sunday, July 26 Believe it or not, I actually went to church this morning. And, what’s more, it was my second time in church this year. The first time was back in May in Connecticut, but that was only because my daughter was playing in the church’s bell choir that morning. I wasn’t going to go, but everyone…

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Burundi’s canvas

I’ve been trolling youtube lately, watching videos of Burundi (like this one), in preparation for my trip there in July. In the videos – if you look past the incredibly skillful Burundi drummers – you will see a landscape and people that look just like what I remember from back in the mid-80’s, when I lived in Malawi. Not surprising,…

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Instagram links!

Thank you for popping over to Rachel’s Ruminations from Instagram! Below are the most recent topics I’ve posted about. You can find articles about lots of different places, plus some excellent travel advice, by going to my home page and looking around! Big Buddha in Hong Kong (and a cable car ride!) 11+ best things to do in Martinique Read…

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125,000 YouTube views!

Did you know that I have a video on YouTube that’s had more than 125,000 views without my making any effort at all? I wish this blog had that kind of numbers! I recorded it back in 2009 when I visited Burundi with Edukans, an organization that promotes education in the developing world. A group of us, mostly teachers, spent…

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Street Children

Kirundo, Burundi, August 9 Street Child There are a lot of street children here. They wander around town, dressed in rags the colour of the earth, and beg for money. So, of course, we’re a major attraction for them. They follow us around, begging for handouts, or sometimes just stand and stare. When we’re leading workshops, they spend a lot…

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Twa Pottery

On our way to visit a potter in northern Burundi, an English teacher named Claude acted as our guide. On the ride there, which turned out to be very short, Claude told me that pottery is only produced by the Twa in Burundi, never by the Hutu or Tutsi. We were in Burundi for three weeks, running a series of…

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English Teaching in Kirundo

Kirundo, Burundi, Thursday, August 6 The level of English, as I’ve already written, varies enormously among the English teachers we’re training (all of the English teachers in Kirundo province, I’m told). Some speak English quite fluently and comfortably, with an accent that doesn’t interfere with my understanding. Others, however, seem to struggle to form even a simple sentence, and rarely…