125,000 YouTube views!

Did you know that I have a video on YouTube that’s had more than 125,000 views without my making any effort at all? I wish this blog had that kind of numbers!

I recorded it back in 2009 when I visited Burundi with Edukans, an organization that promotes education in the developing world. A group of us, mostly teachers, spent three weeks providing an in-service training for all of the English teachers in the province of Kirundo in the north of Burundi. It was a fascinating and, hopefully, useful experience. You can read all of my blog posts from that visit here.

still from Youtube video

a still from the film. Sorry it’s on the blurry side. They just didn’t stop moving!

Until today, I hadn’t looked at the video for years. I rewatched it, and was impressed all over again with the precision and exuberance of these traditional drummers, especially when they were drumming and dancing outside in the midday heat of the sun. In case you are not one of those 125,000+ people, I thought I’d post it here for you.

I made the video on the last day when we were given a celebratory send-off, with these drummers and a couple of dancing groups. It was a rehearsal while we waited from some VIPs to arrive. Later, they performed again indoors, but my video of the indoor performance didn’t come out nearly as good, so I posted this one.

I posted a second, somewhat longer one too, but for some reason that one has had far fewer views. You can’t see it terribly well, but that man in the last minute or two was sending these very subtly lascivious looks in my direction, involving just a tiny movement of the eyebrows. It brought a laugh every time.

The dancers were wonderful as well, but my battery died, so I only ended up with this short clip:

It was a brilliant send-off for us. Do you like them too?


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